Not Guilty: Defendant Faced Twenty Years for Armed Assault with Intent to Murder

John Doe, the defendant, was alleged to have shot at three young men with a .45 caliber handgun, nearly paralyzing one of the victims. The shooting was alleged to be part of an on-going gang feud in the Boston area. Mr. Doe was facing twenty years in state prison. White & Associates obtained a NOT GUILTY verdict after getting the victim to admit that he lied before the grand jury concerning his earlier testimony, in which he identified the defendant as the shooter. The victim later admitted at trial that he did not see who shot him. The jury found that the victim’s testimony had no credibility and returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all six indictments. White & Associates, P.C. also convinced John Doe’s probation officer to withdraw the probation surrender which was triggered from this case in the West Roxbury District Court.

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