Case Dismissed: Possession of Cocaine

John Doe was arrested in Brockton, Massachusetts after he was stopped while operating a motor vehicle. According to the arresting officers, Mr Doe acted evasively and was sweating profusely when his car was stopped. Mr Doe was asked to exit from his car after the officers observed two knives in plain view. A pat frisk revealed a bag of cocaine on Mr Doe’s person.

The police claimed that Doe gave the arresting officers a false name, had submitted false information to the registry of motor vehicles to obtain a license and was operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

Attorney Veronica White of White & Associates P.C. convinced the Court that the police did not have enough evidence to conduct a pat frisk on Mr. Doe. This enabled Attorney White to suppress the evidence of the cocaine found on Mr Doe, which lead to the possession charge to be dismissed. The court further dismissed the felony charge of possession of a false registry document. Mr Doe walked away with only pleading guilty to the minor offense of driving with a suspended license.

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