Another Class A Distribution Case Dismissed

In 2014, John Doe was charged in the Quincy District Court with distribution of a Class A substance, specifically heroin, and a school zone violation.  Several detectives were investigating drug crimes in the area.  The police observed Mr. Doe enter the residence of a known drug dealer and pull off what they believed was a drug deal.  The police, relying mainly on their observations of Mr. Doe, stopped him in his vehicle to question him about his activity.  They did not arrest him at this time but read him his Miranda rights.

Two of the detectives then met with the known drug dealer in the residence, who admitted he had drugs in the house.  One of the detectives recovered heroin and the other radioed a third detective who was with Mr. Doe.  Based on this find, Mr. Doe was arrested for distribution of a Class A substance.

Attorney Veronica White demonstrated that the Commonwealth’s evidence of criminality activity was too weak to justify the investigation and should not have proceeded past the initial vehicle stop.  The Commonwealth agreed to dismiss the case upon payment of court costs.

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