Rape Charges Nolle Prossed: A Testimony to Robust Defense

In a case that spanned several years and drew significant attention, John Doe was accused of a grievous act: the rape of a homeless woman who was asleep on the streets. The gravity of such allegations, the complexities of evidence, and the sensitivities surrounding the case made it a challenging legal battle. However, Attorney Veronica…

Cocaine Trafficking Charges Dismissed

In a recent case that garnered attention, John Doe was confronted with serious accusations. Following an arrest for gun possession, officers took the invasive step of conducting a strip search on Mr. Doe, subsequently discovering cocaine. While these charges could have led to severe consequences, the expertise of Attorney Veronica J White played a crucial…

Second Subsequent Gun Possession Charges Dismissed

In a recent turn of events, John Doe found himself facing serious charges. He was arrested on the allegation of being in constructive possession of a bag of guns. Such charges, especially when they are subsequent offenses, can lead to severe consequences if a conviction is attained. Attorney Veronica J White, representing Mr. Doe, astutely…

Charges Dropped for Trafficking More Than 100 Grams of Fentanyl

John Doe was pulled over for a traffic violation and was arrested for drug trafficking after the police illegally searched his car and found 100 grams of fentanyl. Attorney Veronica J White successfully argued that the search was illegal and the evidence was thrown out, leading to the case being dropped and John Doe being set free.

Not Guilty on Armed Assault with Intent to Murder

The case against John Doe was circumstantial and based on suggestive identification procedures, which were exposed by a vigorous defense from Attorney Veronica J White. This resulted in a acquittal from the jury.

Second Subsequent Firearm Dismissed

In this case, John Doe was charged with a second subsequent firearm possession, but due to the vigorous defense by Attorney Veronica J White, the charge was reduced to a first offense firearm and the case was dismissed.

Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine Dropped

John Doe was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine after a routine traffic stop led to an illegal search. Solution Attorney Veronica J. White of White & Associates PC successfully litigated a motion to suppress in the Waltham District Court. Result Mr. Doe was cleared from all charges. About White & Associates, P. C….

Firearm Case Nolle Prossed

John Doe faced a firearm charge that resulted from a routine traffic stop and illegal search. Solution Attorney Veronica J. White of White & Associates PC successfully litigated a motion to suppress the firearm in the Dorchester District Court. Result All charges were nolle prossed and John Doe was cleared. About White & Associates, P. C….