Case Dismissed: Kidnapping

John Doe was arrested for kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threats of a victim in December of 2009. Mr. Doe allegedly held a woman against her will in his house for a period of several days, beat her with a belt and threatened her life.

White & Associates successfully had the kidnapping charges dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. After putting the Commonwealth through two years of Dwyer proceedings to challenge the victim’s mental competency to testify, the Commonwealth realized it had a weak case. Subsequently, Mr. Doe was offered Pre-Trial Probation which means that the case would be dismissed after six months of administrative probation. Notably with Pre-trial Probation a defendant is NOT required to plead guilty or admit to any wrong doing.

Mr. Doe was not even required to report to probation for the six months that his case remained open. The only condition imposed was to stay away from the victim.

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