Not Guilty: Defendant Faced 10 years Mandatory for Drug Trafficking

John Doe was arrested in Malden, Massachusetts for Trafficking in 125 grams of cocaine. Mr. Doe was a passenger in a car, which contained an aerosol can stuffed with 62 individually wrapped baggies of cocaine.

The District Attorney tried to link Mr. Doe to the drugs because of his suspicious movements inside of the car, the $857 dollars found in Mr. Doe’s pants and the various cell phones, glassine baggies and air fresheners found inside of the car.

Attorney Veronica White of White & Associates P.C. started her defense by exposing the police for failing to fingerprint the aerosol can or conduct any forensic testing or investigation that would have produced any physical evidence against Mr. Doe. Attorney White then established that the Commonwealth had no evidence to show that the money found on Mr. Doe was drug related, that the cell phones belonged to Mr. Doe and that the nervousness by her client revealed any knowledge and intent to distribute the drugs. During her cross examination, she exposed the lead police officer for his shoddy investigation, and revealed to the jury that his testimony was just not consistent with what he wrote in his police report and what he testified to at the Grand Jury.

Even before the jury had a chance to hear closing arguments, Attorney White filed a Motion for a Directed Verdict of not guilty because all of the evidence relied upon by the Commonwealth called for an endless exercise in speculative guesswork—falling short of what was needed to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The Judge agreed, granted the motion and found Mr. Doe not guilty —the jury was then discharged.

At this moment, Mr. Doe is happily home with his family and very relieved to have his freedom back.

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