Case Dismissed: Defendant Charged With Domestic Violence

John Doe was charged with Assault and Battery as a result of allegations that he had slapped the victim, his former partner, in the face. The Assault and Battery charges were taken out as a result of a drawn out legal battle between Mr. Doe and the victim, who had been initially arrested for grabbing Mr. Doe by the neck and committing Assault and Battery against Mr Doe.

Two weeks after his former partner was arrested for this offense, nine charges were lodged against Mr. Doe in an attempt to get him to sign an Accord and Satisfaction, which would have caused the Assault and Battery case to be dismissed. Mr. Doe refused to sign anything. As a result, the victim proceeded with a clerk magistrate hearing alleging that Mr. Doe had committed various counts of Extortion, Trespass, Threats, Assault and Battery.

Attorney Veronica White of White & Associates P.C. convinced the clerk magistrate to deny eight out of the nine complaints against Mr. Doe, leaving one charge standing, a Assault and Battery arising from the alleged slap in the face. Mr. Doe was arraigned on the Assault and Battery charge and within the next couple of months, White and Associates, P.C. was ready for trial.

On the second trial date, as Attorney White was prepared to deliver a vigorous defense of Mr. Doe, the victim dropped the charges and the case was dismissed.

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