Case Dismissed: Possession of Cocaine

John Doe was charged with possession of cocaine after the police ransacked his car on a public way in Roxbury, Massachusetts and patted him down for weapons without having any reason to believe he had done anything wrong.

Attorney Veronica White of White & Associates P.C. filed and litigated a motion to suppress the cocaine found on Mr. Doe on grounds that this evidence found was a fruit of an illegal search. Attorney White contended that the search was conducted by a police officer who had blatantly abused his power and had subjected the defendant to an unnecessary violation of his constitutional rights to be free from unlawful searches and seizures.

The Court agreed that the search was illegal and ordered the drugs suppressed on the same day of the hearing. Since Attorney White had convinced the court to suppress the Commonwealth’s only evidence, the district attorney had no option but to dismiss the charges against Mr. Doe.

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