Pre-Trial Probation for OUI

John Doe was charged with Operating after Being Intoxicated and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

Mr. Doe contested the charge in the Brighton District Court and Attorney Veronica J White filed discovery motions and a motion to suppress evidence under both the 4th and 5th Amendment.

An extensive hearing took place for the Motion to Suppress where the officer who initially stopped Mr. Doe was aggressively questioned about the tactics he used to apprehend Mr. Doe.

Attorney White argued that Mr Doe’s 5th Amendment rights had been violated because the arresting officer physically coerced Doe to take field sobriety testing.

The district attorney offered pre-trial probation to resolve this case while the hearing on the motion to suppress was still pending. Doe will have his case dismissed in a year and simply needs to wait for about year — go about his life– and do nothing. No plea, no admission, just pre-trial probation– with a dismissal to come in one year as long as Doe doesn’t get in trouble.

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