Case Dropped: Human Trafficking

John Doe was indicted in Massachusetts’ Suffolk County Superior Court for Human Trafficking and Deriving Support from a Prostitute. Mr Doe faced a minimum of five years in state prison and a maximum of 20 years in state prison.

Mr Doe’s arrest was the result of a lengthy investigation by the Human Trafficking Division of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, which received search warrants for the home of Mr. Doe and for his mobile phones depicted as being used to facilitate a human trafficking organization.

Attorney Veronica J White analyzed over a terabyte of discovery information resulting from this investigation, and filed several motions to suppress the seizure of the mobile phones. Attorney White’s motions argued that the search warrants for the mobile phones were based on a lack particularization, which means that the search warrants were overly broad and vague in their request.

Attorney White also filed a motion to dismiss the indictment based on the lack of evidence submitted to the Grand Jury. Attorney White’s motion argued that there was no evidence to show that Mr. Doe knowingly participated in the prostitution ring, nor was there specific evidence of him subjecting attempting to subject, recruiting, or enticing any prostitute.

After several months of litigation, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office’s filed nolle prosequi and dismissed the case against Mr. Doe.

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