Second OUI and Reckless Operation Case Dismissed

John Doe was charged in Brighton District Court with a second offense OUI and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.
According to the Boston Police, witnesses said they saw a car driving recklessly in the Brighton area. The police also found various car parts and spilled gasoline where this reckless car drove.
Police arrested Mr Doe after finding him under the influence of alcohol, and because of incriminating he made to the police.
Attorney Veronica J White was able to get the reckless operation charge dismissed by arguing that Mr. Doe was never properly served with a criminal complaint.
Next, Attorney White filed a motion to suppress the field sobriety testing and statements made by the Mr Doe. Once those motions were filed, she asked the judge for a bench trial.
On the day of trial, the District Attorney was not able to respond to Attorney White’s motion to suppress. As a result, the judge dismissed the case without prejudice.
Mr. Doe was free to go.

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