Not Guilty on Armed Assault with Intent to Murder

John Doe was indicted for the crime of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder. This crime was recorded on surveillance footage and took place in front of Gigi Liquors in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Mr. Doe faced up to 20 years in state prison.

Attorney Veronica J White mounted a vigorous defense of Mr. Doe which ultimately resulted in a trial at Suffolk Superior Court. Attorney White exposed the District Attorney’s case against Mr. Doe to be highly circumstantial and plagued by suggestive identification procedures.

Attorney White forcefully cross examined the Commonwealth’s material witness destroying her credibility and rendering her supposed identification of Mr. Doe worthless. Attorney White then further exposed the District Attorney’s case by calling expert witness Dr. Ayanna Thomas to testify on her client’s behalf. Fingerprint expert Richard Shire was able to demonstrate that were Mr. Doe guilty of this crime that his fingerprints should have been found at the crime scene.

After deliberating for a few hours, the jury acquitted Mr. Doe of all charges. John Doe was discharged from this indictment.

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