Probationer Released After Extensive Violation Hearing

Mr Doe accidentally shot his girlfriend in the head, was arrested for another domestic charge while on probation, and was later arrested for distribution of crack cocaine. Due to the tireless efforts of Attorney Veronica J White he is home with his mother tonight.

Attorney Veronica White in the News for Defending Client Accused of Manslaughter

White & Associates’ client Kevin Otto, the owner of Atlantic Drain Services, faces manslaughter charges after two of its workers drowned in a flooded trench. In Suffolk Superior Court yesterday, Attorney Veronica J. White argued for the case to be dismissed because there are too many unanswered questions about the infrastructure the men were working…

No Violation in Probation Surrender

White & Associates established that their client did not violate his probation because the district attorney could not prove that the powder he was found with was cocaine.